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Vidnami Review Overview

Welcome to our Vidnami review 2021… (formally know as Content Samurai).

Vidnami reviewed here is one of my favourite video marketing tools. Many people may be more familiar with Vidnami under the Content Samurai brand but the product was officially rebranded to Vidnami earlier in 2020.

What is Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai)

Vidnami is a very powerful cloud based software which is designed to create high quality professional looking videos. The software use Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation to allow you to quickly and easily create professional quality videos on any topic.

Within the dashboard of the software you can select a range of different video styles to create. You can create social media square style videos or the more traditional rectangular videos for YouTube and other video platforms such as Vimeo.

Vidnami Step 1 select your template video style
Vidnami Review 2021 Step 1 select your template video style

Vidnami Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Software Automation

One of the problems many content creators face when marketing online is access to marketing content specific to the market that they are looking to promote.

Vidnami solves this as inside the software you gain unlimited access to a massive library of premium video clips, high resolution photos and audio tracks all delivered by the Storyblocks content library.


Vidnami Ease of Use Built In

As the Vidnami review 2021 software is all cloud based there is nothing complicated to download or install.

You get access straightaway via email after signing up and you can create your first video straight away.

The software is very easy to use and will walk you through each of the steps to make a unique high quality video. You can create your videos in just minutes and even a beginner will have success with this software. You can easily have your first video created and downloaded in under 5 minutes.

Vidnami Step 2 upload or write your script
Vidnami review 2021 – Step 2 upload or write your script

All you need to do is follow the simple Vidnami review video creation sequence:

  • Select your video style square or landscape
  • Select the template colour style of your video
  • Select a default style or create a style to match your brand
  • Add the script of your video
  • Select build slideshow
  • Adjust any slide text or video backgrounds (if required)
  • Choose if you want to add an audio track to your video
  • Choose if you want to add an audio voice over narration to your video or choose auto voice
  • Preview your video
  • Adjust any slide timings
  • Select build your video to build it to your video library
  • Download the video from your video library

Vidnami Step 3 review your slides

What's Included in Your Vidnami Subscription?

Storyblocks Video Clip Library

Unlimited access to over 790,000+ premium video clips included FREE with your Vidnami account. This extensive library contains both high quality video backgrounds and high quality image backgrounds.

This extensive library means that you should never struggle for high quality content to make videos for any market or niche.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically searches these for you and presents the best choices for you automatically so you don't have to worry about searching through thousands of images manually.

Storyblocks Music Tracks

Unlimited access to over 30,000 Storyblocks music tracks included FREE with your Vidnami account. The extensive music library is catalogued and grouped so that it makes selections easy.

Vidnami Step 4 select a voiceover or narrate your slides

How Vidnami review Works?

The AI again comes to the rescue inside Vidnami and automatically uses AI for text recognition to convert your video script into a series of slides, dependant on the length of your video script.

The AI then automatically uses the text of your video script to select relevant slide video backgrounds from the key topic words for each slide.

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So for example as you can see in the review video here if your video script includes the words for chocolate cake, the AI will automatically select chocolate cake video clips and images for your slide backgrounds.

Who are behind Vidnami (Content Samurai)

The company behind Vidnami is Noble Samurai. The Noble Samurai team have been in the software development market for many years and have a range of very good quality software products behind them with very good reputations for software performance and reliability.

This make the products that they develop a safe bet if you purchase them and that they will be around for many years to come. Will continue to be developed and will be maintained.

This is certainly the case in my experience as I have used a number of their software products over the years. In particular Vidnami reviewed here, which is one of their flagship products.

This Vidnami software has had many regular updates, product improvements and new features added each year. All these additions have made the software stronger and stronger in my view.

The Vidnami software has been marketed in parallel to Content Samurai throughout 2020 while the old software brand was phased out. But it was announced that the official Vidnami brand would replace all of the Content Samurai references last year on the 13th September 2020.

Vidnami Step 5 preview your video slides

Vidnami Review New Features for 2021

In February 2021 a new Presenter Video feature was introduced. This is a great addition to the many templates already included in Vidnami as it introduced the feature to upload your presenter video or record it direct to webcam from within the Vidnami app.

Vidnami can then parse that presenter video automatically to transcribe your voice to create the text of your narration on the video for the on screen subtitles.

Another great use of this Presenter Video feature in Vidnami is that you can add a long video as a single video background for the length of your video. Like for a product or service video.

You can still get this automatically transcribed if you have a voice over or you can add a transcript with the video upload to also be recognised within Vidnami to create the text of your script on the video for the on screen subtitles.

Vidnami Step 6 select a music track for your video

Vidnami Special 40% Discount Offer for February 2021

This was good news for anyone looking for a bargain as to celebrate the official Vidnami branding the Noble Samurai team offering a special 40% off discount for the life of your subscription to Vidnami. This will reduce the monthly cost to $29 per month which is the lowest cost that you can purchase Vidnami. This offer expires on midnight 26th February 2021. Get your best Vidnami discount for 2021 here.

Vidnami reviews your content video script automatically, then breaks it up into professional-looking slide layouts using an extensive and customizable range of themes. It then formats your text automatically to create the recommended number of slides to complement the video. The structure of your video is formed in seconds with the automated image and video background

Vidnami Free Download Option

If you've never seen Vidnami or prefer to test it out after reading our Vidnami review and before purchasing it, there is a Free Download option available. You can try out all the features of Vidnami reviewed here, and test out all the video features for yourself. You can download a Vidnami trial here for free.

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